Whether art, music, fashion, or culture; originality means many things to many different people. But it is unarguably about a commitment to where things began and a passion for where things are going.

Growing up in Hawai’i as an advocate to hip hop and sneaker culture with a passion for preserving indigenous customs, Steve Fountain (Founder of Lacer Headwear) was always inspired by the roots of original form. This passion triggered his creation of the “Lacer,” a patented design that combines the baseball cap and sneaker perfectly to produce a supreme companion accessory for any pair of kicks.

Lacer embodies a maxim of “evolved originality,” by providing fashion accessories worn by those drawn to cultural evolution and the pursuit of individuality, while purposely avoiding conventional concepts. Inspired by sneaker culture, the Lacer allows the evolution of sports footwear to be relived within a baseball cap.

As a visionary designer, Steve grew more determined to see his creation come to life.

“I wasn’t going to let such an original design just fade away without putting my all into it. What really caught my attention was when we showcased the product at a trade show and every large retail buyer, brand, and manufacturer overlooked us, but every kid with a skateboard or wearing headphones stopped and asked where they could get one of our hats. I took that as a sign to fill a void within the sneaker community.” – Steve

In 2007 Steve teamed up with New York native, Mike Zarcone, to bring Lacer closer to root sneaker culture and bridge the gap between Hip-Hop’s birthplace and Lacer Headwear.

“We’re not owned by some corporate giant, mass marketing recycled ideas; we’re just hustling to keep our brand safe and original.” – Mike

As a company Lacer Headwear would like to be known as a resistance to brand-tyranny, representing inventiveness, reconstruction, evolution, and originality; while terminating recycled fashion concepts for those not afraid to stand alone.