From the initial conceptualization of our products to global distribution, since 2006 Lacer Headwear has continued to persist in providing high quality innovative products to a rapidly evolving market. For years our past has been withheld from public knowledge but we're now ready to share who we are.

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All of our products are exclusive to their release and limited in quantity. We operate on a first come first serve basis and encourage you to follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for the latest brand updates and release dates.


Every one of our products is special in the sense that each color way can be customized to fit any one style or preference. Our patented design is a construction of four products placed together to compliment one another and form one customizable innovative fashion accessory.

Evolved Originality…

Although headwear is the second half of our company name, we are not an ordinary headwear brand. Providing our customers with innovative products that compliment a variety of lifestyles.

Our maxim of "Evolved Originality" is an individual preference within those drawn to uncharted territories, and pursue originality as a way of life while consciously avoiding conventional concepts.